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5 Tips to Help You Be Successful in Law School

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March 30, 2022
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5 Tips to Help You Be Successful in Law School

Let’s talk about 5 tips to help you be successful in law school.

Law School, every young man and woman’s right of passage into the legal profession; there is an excitement that comes with getting to this stage. Unfortunately, most students forget that they aren’t lawyers yet, but are at the final stage of crossing over and therefore get carried away with the excitement. Getting into law school isn’t the destination but the crucial final step before arrival. You have quite some work to do before you can actually be called a lawyer.

At the law school, you will be taught Procedural Law as opposed to the Substantial Law that you were taught in the university. Law School is a place where different people from different backgrounds, ethnicities and universities come together to learn, in a bid to become lawyers.

In Law School do not limit yourself to a certain mindset, rather, be prepared to expect anything. Try as much as possible to establish a lot of connections while in Law School because expanding your network can bring help and money later on.


Below are some tips to help guide you during the course of time of your stay at Law School:

1) Punctuality and taking of attendance are very important. Without proper attendance, you won’t be given an opportunity to write the bar exams. Where attendance is taken using a thump printing system, ensure that when thumb printing, the machine accepts your thumbprint. Don’t be in a hurry to pass it over to the next person, or else you will not be shown to have attended the class.

2) Before each lecture, make sure you familiarize yourself with the topic for that day. Most times lecturers tend to ask questions randomly and you wouldn’t want to be embarrassed for not answering the questions correctly

3) Examine yourself with the law school’s past questions. It gives you an idea of how the bar exams are set and also how to answer the bar exam questions.

4) Make sure you don’t become a terror or troublemaker because queries are given when you misbehave and if your queries are up to 3, you may not be permitted to sit for your bar exams.

5) Try as much as possible not to miss group meetings and group assignments because attendance is taken during such meetings.


Trust these few points will be helpful and useful to you.

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