Who We Are

We’re Legalpedia and we’re on a mission to DOUBLE the size of 5000 Law Practices in Nigeria, in the next 2 years

Legalpediaonline.com is a community where Judges, Lawyers and Law Students and Paralegals can come to get ideas on

Improving Research
Increasing Productivity and
Boosting your Health

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Do You Really Need Another Site Talking About Fast and Easy Research?

No, you don’t.

In fact, you don’t need most of the ones you already have…

But here’s what makes Legalpedia different from all the rest.

In a sea of research tools for Nigerian Legal Practitioners, Legalpedia is unique because it is owned and operated by real people who are concerned with the totality of the Nigerian Legal Practitioner. In other words, we aren’t just after selling you a software…

We actually want the Nigerian Legal Practitioner to be Productive and Healthy! (and we’re pretty dang good at what we do)

In fact, in the last 18 months, the Legalpedia team has

  • Invested over $65,000 (of our own money) on software design, marketing and feedback.
  • Sent well over 300,000 Latest Decided Cases, Productivity, Profitability and Health emails
  • We even generated the key word “Legalpedia SMI” on Google

…and the best is yet to come

And along the way, we have perfected the habit of getting constant feedback from our community. More importantly, like any good solution provider, we DOCUMENT the feedback, a habit that gave birth to one of our great ideas, the Legalpedia SMI-App.

Here is the best part. We make this “Legalpedia SMI-App” available to all Legalpedia members, so if you are looking for QUICK and EASY access to Case Summaries spanning 5 decades… click here to get it.