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Your Law Firm Needs Personalized Content: 3 Reasons Why

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Your Law Firm Needs Personalized Content: 3 Reasons Why

Search has become an integralPersonalized-content part of our day-to-day routine.

As search continues to get integrated into our lives, people expect it to conform more closely to their personal experiences. That includes your potential clients. Here’s how search is evolving and what your law firm can do online to evolve as well and meet the needs of your potential clients.


1. Google Connects Content From Your Website To Potential Clients

The beauty of search engines is that they deliver relevant information, but how search engines find the information to bring to your potential clients is dependent on you — the Lawyer. And that’s why content marketing for lawyers is so valuable.

Writing new content on a regular basis for law firm blogs and websites gives search engines something to offer potential clients. The more often you write and the more relevant and personalized that content is, the more opportunities you give search engines to return your work in search engine result pages. The more online visibility you have as a lawyer — and the more relevant the content is to the needs of potential clients — the more likely they are to engage your law firm.


2. Your Potential Clients Act Based On Their Online Experience

Google has come a long way from its inception. Search engines are learning more about user intent — even if a user types or asks a complex question. This is important for lawyers: you know the language of the law, but potential clients don’t necessarily have a legal background. They ask questions to search engines using a variety of terms to describe their case or issue. By describing complicated aspects of the law in a way that your potential clients can easily read and digest, you increase their confidence in you, their comfort with you, and the likelihood that they seek your particular brand of counsel.

One way lawyers can enhance their online presence with content marketing is by considering the language a potential client is most likely to use. That, alongside the artificial intelligence that’s beginning to work alongside Google, can help lawyers increase their visibility in search engine results.

As search engines learn more about intent, preferences, and aim to provide potential clients with actionable results, lawyers who get into the mindset of their potential clients can put themselves ahead of the game.


3. Quality Content Pushes Potential Clients To Take Action

The more technology evolves, the more people expect from it.

But technology can only go so far. To find the most relevant information and provide it to users, technology has to have something to work with. And that’s where you come in as a lawyer. Providing personalized content for your potential clients — the content that answers their most pressing questions — is one of the most efficient ways to attract the right traffic to law firm websites and get potential clients to engage your firm.


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