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You Are Missing Out On More Visibility

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October 30, 2019
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November 13, 2019
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You Are Missing Out On More Visibility

Being more visible with your expertise on the internet needs a mindset change and also a lot of action steps.

Thinking through the bigger picture will definitely help you with improving your law firm’s visibility.

I’m talking about the strategies behind doing what you do to get those clients knocking on your door. The thinking, the planning and the implementation.

The following are a list of questions I’d like you to answer so that you can establish for yourself how best you want to position your law firm’s expertise to be visible to your ideal clients.

– What kind of client do you want to work with/for? Be detailed.

– How are you positioning yourself as an authority? What are the specific things you are doing?

– Are you running the kind of practice you’ve always desired? Write out your ideal/dream practice.

– Do you have any marketing tactics or strategies you currently use? A system in place?

– How do you track how effective the different marketing tactics or strategies you use are? What is the actual return in real-time numbers?

You need to clearly answer these questions. This is the foundation for becoming visible to your ideal clients. If everything is properly in place and implemented in your law firm, you will be pleasantly shocked by the results. 

These do not infringe on the RPC. 

It’s simple and it doesn’t break any law. 

Hold up. Let me break the mold and spill the beans on website creation. 

What our digital branding team does is to create a website that:

  • It has an attractive design – it keeps the visitors relaxed.
  • Is neat with clear navigation
  • Has a great sitemap
  • Is Secure
  • Loads fast
  • Has high-quality and consistent content that educates
  • Has In-bound and outbound links that are not broken
  • Has Compelling titles and descriptions with relevant headings
  • Targets with the right keywords
  • Has Clear CTAs (Call-to-actions) on different pages. 

Trust me, creating a website that does and has all these is what Google smiles at and brings your ideal clients to you. 

Yes! We’ve got it all figured out to the “T” for you. We’ve done this for over 10 years, for businesses in different industries around the world.

Truth is, once you are able to put all the right strategies in place with regards to your website, you can get great reviews on Google, increase website conversions, communicate your unique selling proposition to your visitors through your content while incorporating it across your entire law firm/practice. Your brand visibility and positioning are improved helping you to get clients who are eager to work with you and only you.

Stop hoping for the next referral from a past client when the internet is flooded with prospects who will eagerly do business with you.

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