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Where Are The Fish? – Cast Your Net On The Right Side or Get Out Of Business

September 26, 2019
The Best Hook With Nothing Good To Chew On Turns Away The Fish!
October 16, 2019
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Where Are The Fish? – Cast Your Net On The Right Side or Get Out Of Business

This is a letter from our I.T. Department to any reader who happens on this article.

Dear Reader,

Most of you say,

“I don’t need a website! Why do I need a website?

Two common questions I hear often.

Let’s face it squarely:

Your practice is your business – your business is set up to generate income by delivering value. Period!

It is people that pay for the value you render.

No people, no business.

No Business? Close up and go home.

The rules of the game have changed. They change almost every day. Business in this digital age is a lot different from what it was some years back BUT the principles for success remain the same.

You need people. The right kind of people, who need the kind of value you deliver or your practice will wilt and die.

Do you have ALL the clients you need? Do you want more?

Do you have the KIND of clients you want? Do you want more?

Is it possible to cast your net on the right side and get ALL the fish you need to form the sea?

It is one thing to know where the fish are and it is another thing to know HOW to get the fish you need.

Let’s start with a good source: the sea – the internet.

[Stats Time – Source https://blog.capterra.com]

Over 70% of law firms generate new cases through the internet [website]

Potential clients for law firms spend on average 16 minutes per hour on various social media platforms

74% of all legal consumers visit law firms’ websites to take action

45% of all traffic to law firm websites is driven by LinkedIn

33% of legal consumers begin their search for a law firm by using online resources

There are different ways to fish but let’s start with the boat that takes you to the sea – your website.

There are 4 billion searches on Google every day and at this very moment, there are people in your area searching for your exact service. If they don’t find you, they’ll end up with your competition! Read that again.

You need a website to showcase your expertise to potential clients. When a potential client is searching for legal advice, they turn to a friend or do a search and vet law firm. They go online to do their due diligence.

The foundation for your online branding and exposure to local and international clients starts with your website. It allows you to position your firm alongside any big name out there through authority status positioning. It exposes you to clients who may have never heard or thought of you any other way, giving you an edge on your potential client’s decision-making process.

With your website you can “raise the bar,” showcasing your expertise, providing accurate and useful information to other lawyers and potential clients. It allows you to be SEEN and to be HEARD Globally. Your website will go a long way in validating your firm to potential clients as a trusted name and authority in your space.

It is the first impression you make on the global arena. It is like handing out digital brochures showcasing your firm and its unique value proposition to attract, convert and retain repeat clients, 24 hours every single day of the week.

In this digital age of information at the speed of a click, people perceive Legal practices without a website as less professional or as “traditional lawyers” who are still living in the Stone Age and may not have what it takes to deliver results.

If you ignore the consequences of not having a website or having a poor one, it will be akin to leaving money on the table. It is like knowing in this digital age that you can send your messages via email, WhatsApp or simply make a phone call but insist on using the post office to mail a letter, simply because you love to write with a pen. You will be slowly strangling yourself to death. Your letter will get delivered but … you get the idea.

You need to watch out for my next mail.”

To Your Digital Branding Success


PS. I can help you. Let’s talk. Simply reply to this post or call me on +2348022021134

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