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Use A Lead Magnet To Ensure  A Constant Stream Of Leads For Your Firm In The Good Times And In Times Of Crisis

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Use A Lead Magnet To Ensure  A Constant Stream Of Leads For Your Firm In The Good Times And In Times Of Crisis

Use a Lead Magnet to ensure a constant stream of leads

Now that we are at home as a result of the COVID – 19 pandemic and its effects, the buying patterns of consumers has changed drastically. Customers’ buying patterns have been diverted to the basic essentials. This means reduced inflows for many businesses including law firms. The question of how to get and keep a constant flow of leads to your business is top of mind now. You need fresh leads to get more business for your firm.

On average, a typical law firm struggles with finding new leads and growing their business. Firms employ different strategies to attract leads/prospects to do business with them. The easier and economical strategy that any law firm can use and implement in the shortest time involves the use of lead magnets. The current pandemic notwithstanding, deploying a strategy that uses lead magnets is something that you can implement within a very short time right from the comfort of your home.

Lead magnets offer an inexpensive way if rightly used to help any firm attract a flood of leads to them. You need a constant flow of targeted prospects to take a look at your business and consider you as the best option or choice to engage. The more prospects you have, the greater your chances of converting them to paying clients.



What Is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is something of value that is irresistible to accept that you give to your prospective customers in exchange for one of their most precious personal information. Their email address. It will help you to generate fresh leads or clients as you expose your business through multiple channels both online and offline.  Offering lead magnets is a win-win proposition for you and also for your potential clients. They leave with something of value to them and you get the opportunity to get back in touch with them thus improving your chances of developing a relationship that could grow to converting them to paying customers.

Averagely, on a daily basis, you or your law firm as a brand is exposed to many potential clients. In a time as this, with the Coronavirus pandemic leading to a drastic reduction of a person to person contacts, this is where you will have greatly benefitted if you had a digital strategy in place to attract, convert and retain prospective clients. People are at home. They can’t go out but they can “meet” and communicate with you at any time, online. People are off the streets but they are online “going to and visiting places.” Your website or your social media handle if you have that in place, with the right strategy would have been where you could meet with them 24/7. You can’t meet your prospects physically but you can meet them online.

The Need For A Lead Magnet

It is estimated though, that of all the people who visit your website, only about 1% of them are at that time ready to commit to a business relationship. Only that percentage at that time are ready to hire a lawyer. What about the remaining 99%? The remaining 99% are still in research mode, checking out the different options available to them before they commit to a decision on who to hire. The 99% who do not take action or commit to hiring you are a huge opportunity that you can tap into.

Business Is About Relationships

Imagine for a moment that you can be able to connect with just a fraction of the 99% and maintain a relationship with them until they are ready to make a decision. Better still, if during the course of that relationship while they are still in research mode, you are the one who provides valuable answers to their questions and guides them along the right path to a good decision, you earn their trust. You know what they say about trust and business – people do business with those who they know like and trust. This makes you the most likely choice for them when they are finally ready to commit and hire a lawyer because you have developed a relationship and built trust.

Business relationships also follow the same pattern as any other human to human relationship. There is a time when you make the initial contact, exchange pleasantries and contact details. Over time you keep in touch and the more you communicate with each other the relationship deepens and perhaps you hang out a few times till the friendship blossoms beyond mere acquaintances. In such a relationship, the initial contact and the exchange of contact details were the foundation that started off the whole relationship. In business, that is where the lead magnet comes in.

You need to quickly gain the trust of your visitors to where an exchange of personal information seems a natural “next step.”It is at the initial “online meeting,” through the lead magnet, you legitimately get the contact details of your prospects. They willingly give it to you in exchange for something they believe is of great value to them. Connecting with them after the initial contact and exchange wouldn’t be an intrusion to them as they have made your acquaintance and have a perception of you as someone who has their interest at heart because of the value you delivered to them through the lead magnet.

If you can get this concept right and properly implement it, you can set up for yourself or your firm an endless pipeline of leads for a business. Customer acquisition, conversion and retention are really all about nurturing relationships with other human beings in a way that makes them feel that they are benefitting from it with their interests and needs being satisfied fully. The better you can nurture and satisfy the needs of your clients, the more successful you will be as a business. Remember, the businesses, organizations, associations etc. that you have dealings with are all run by real human beings with needs and emotions. It’s all about strategically nurturing and satisfying the needs in the relationship.

The focal point of this relation starts with the lead magnet.

In my next post, we will delve more into the different types of lead magnets and what makes for an effective lead magnet.

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To Your Success

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