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What is Your Unique Business Success Proposition to Potential Clients?

October 7, 2020
October 8, 2020
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What is Your Unique Business Success Proposition to Potential Clients?

Unique Business Success Proposition to Potential ClientsI want you to imagine for a moment, assuming you are alone and you have no competition [no competing firms] in your area of expertise, what do you think your income would have be like?

… what would have been your service charge in this [imagined] monopoly market?

I can imagine your answer already – you would have been charging whatever you wanted knowing that there is no one else the clients can go to.


The primary determining factor of your income is highly dependent on how you are able to successfully give your clients a reason to discriminate in your favour by choosing your services.

The reality is, your potential client does not care so much about you. They only care so much about having their pains relieved, having their problem solved.  So, you cannot persuade a potential client to buy your services and not the other guys’ unless you can articulate the difference in a clear and concise way or message.

The “promise” in the message you pass across to potential clients is what most marketing gurus refer to as a “value proposition.”

Keith J. Cunningham in his book, ‘The Road Less Stupid’ called it a “success proposition.” Clients are looking for more than just value; they want success – a successful outcome.

The centre point of any firm’s strategy should be the promise made to the clients on how they will deliver a unique mix of services and customer/client experiences.

It is only the client that has the vote on whether or not that promise was delivered.


Your internal success proposition should be clear on how your firm will attract, retain, and deepen the relationship with your main group of target audiences.


Success proposition should not only communicate the promise [of success] to your target audience, it should also dictate the internal skill sets you must master to deliver on your promise effectively, as well as your priorities.

So, articulate the difference or why they should patronize you rather than the other guys, in a clear and concise message.

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