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POST COVID – 19: The New Normal Way of Business And Work

How to Critically Think Through Your Business Decisions to Avoid Making Dumb Mistakes and Increase Your Firm’s Revenue.
June 10, 2020
June 12, 2020
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POST COVID – 19: The New Normal Way of Business And Work

The New Normal Way of Business And Work


So life is moving on, and we are learning to adjust to the changes that have been thrust on us.

Companies are realizing new methods,  things have changed and are still changing in the dynamics of business. It is no more business as usual. This is business unusual for most.

The term “the new normal” is showing itself fully in all aspects of life and business.

Countries are now easing up on the lockdown and as businesses are beginning to get back some form of functionality, there are many things to consider:

– Number of people who can show up at work

– How to recover from losses incurred over the months of inactivity

– What to do moving forward and how to adjust to “the new normal” way of business.

Some businesses still need to be run physically but basically, pretty much of business activities are now being done online … so, your firm activities can go virtual too.

You really do not have to physically meet to have meetings or ensure that work needed to be accomplished is done and reports received.

There are some tools which help with such activities. We will look at 3 of the most popular of these tools. Free versions are available but to unlock certain functionalities, you will have to go for a paid subscription.

These are investments that will help you save on time you would have wasted trying to physically meet considering issues like traffic, etc. You also get to save on the cost of running a physical office (your rental fees and other associated costs with running an office are drastically reduced).


S/N Microsoft Teams Google Hangout Meets Zoom
1 Members (number of participants allowed) 250 250 500
2 Security (how secure is the platform) Highly secure Secure (your messages are only encrypted between your device and google servers Security depends on the package you are on. There is no security encryption for free users.
3 Record (can your meetings be recorded and accessed for future referencing) Recordings will be saved in the cloud to Microsoft Stream and can easily be shared with others whether present or absent at the meeting Recordings are automatically  saved to Google Drive and can easily be shared with others whether present or absent at the meeting Recordings can only be saved on the  computer being used for the meeting
4 Time allowance No limit No limit Depends on the package you subscribe to
5 Screen share (ability to share your screen with other participants) Yes it is possible to share screens. Admins can place restrictions. Only one person at a time can share their screen, but all others can share images via the chat section of the meeting Allows screen sharing.


The features mentioned are some of those available that will be most helpful to you. As I have said previously, you have to do some more research, ask questions and decide on which of the tools will best meet your needs. Your peculiar needs will determine what suits you best.

Don’t let your business disappear, it is possible to join the train to success with the “New Normal” of doing business.

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To Your success


Tolu Akintade

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