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The Customer Journey- A Must For Law Firms Client Acquisition

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The Customer Journey- A Must For Law Firms Client Acquisition

Have you ever considered your customer journey?
Have you ever thought of what the customer goes through from the time they need your services all the way to deciding to engage you, to remaining loyal customers with you?
The Customer Journey
A. There is a time your client realizes they need a lawyer to talk to
B. Then they begin a search for the right kind of lawyer to discuss their issues or needs with.
C. And then finally decide to hire.
This describes the typical journey a client goes through before hiring you, all the way to hiring you – otherwise referred to as the Customer Journey.
When a potential client becomes aware that they need legal services, the most likely thing they do is to start their search online or ask a friend.
That is the reason why you have to be everywhere. You have to stealthily be “around” your potential clients at all times to attract them to consider you.

Customer Journey3 Must-have ingredients for building a customer journey

 1. Building a customer journey starts internally. Everybody in your firm must be in tune with this.
 2. You need to clearly define the point of possible contacts and interactions with the customer.
 3. Get inside your client’s head. It is not about what you feel or thinks your client needs but what he actually needs.  This helps to position the needs of the clients as the focus of your activities.

Knowing your ideal clients

You need to be clear about the exact type of client you want and know what keeps them awake at night – their pain points and what they secretly desire. That is the only way to deliver value that they will appreciate.
The internet is the start of the client experience for a lot of people. If you aren’t online, you are missing out.
You need to position yourself online to provide value in the form of content to potential clients.
Create awareness. Use your website or social media. Let the prospect learn about you, your law firm and your services through valuable content.
At this stage, they may not have a legal need but they recognize you as a source of value and as an authority.

 Consideration Stage

There is a point where the potential customer has a legal need and starts considering who to engage. This is the consideration stage. If you have been with them from the beginning delivering value to them, creating awareness about you and your firm, you automatically become top of the mind with them.
The awareness stage is very critical to your success in client acquisition. You need to get it right. The awareness stage is where your real contact with potential clients starts for them.
What is your awareness plan? Do you have one?

Let’s hear what you do to create awareness.

If you need some help to put an effective system in place let’s talk –  [email protected]

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