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RTL006- National Vs Private Security

March 25, 2016
RTL007- “The Religious Preaching Bill” Controversy
April 6, 2016



Episode 6 of the Real Talk for Lawyers podcast is one interesting and controversial episode, Lois and Dinma take on both the Table Talk Segment and the Profitable Lawyer segment.

Heads up for you, there is a surprise in this episode, only if you stick to the end of it.

In the Table Talk segment, they discuss the topic, “National Vs Private Security” which trumps over the other. Like I mentioned earlier this has been a controversial topic and we invite you to join in the conversation by dropping your comments in the comment box below or sending it to [email protected]

In the Profitable Lawyer segment, Lois and Dinma take on the topic Productivity Tips for Lawyers, where they share their personal tips and experiences of how how they get more done through the day.

Dinma beautifully uses the her weight loss exercise to bring out productivity tips she has used to achieve lots of tasks and goals. Its worth listening too.

Here is the Cream of the episode, Health tips with Doctor Becky, where she shares some meals to help with managing the dreaded Hypertension. This is where the surprise comes in, so listen closely and follow the instructions on the episode to claim your surprise.


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