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Brace For Impact! Position Yourself For Remote Legal Practice In The New Digital Economy

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Brace For Impact! Position Yourself For Remote Legal Practice In The New Digital Economy

Remote Legal Practice In The New Digital EconomyA change has come. Many changes have been ushered in by the novel Coronavirus. Welcome to the age of the digital economy. I have just one question for you: Is your practice set up and ready for remote Legal practice in the new digital economy?  Before we go on, I want to bring an article to your attention on: “The Emerging Remote Economy” It will help you with more insight and understanding of this post.  You can read it here.

The pandemic has brought upon us something new – social distancing. “Forced” staying at home has become necessary. We need to stay apart so that we can get to be together again. I hope you are staying safe and sound. One thing is sure, with God on our side, with all of us doing all we can, this too shall pass. We’ll come out of this pandemic tougher and stronger.

The “normal” that we have known for so long has suddenly been forcefully changed. As a matter of fact, what the new normal will be is not totally certain yet. Some people may be feeling lost right now, uncertain about their future and what to do about it. Out of desperation, they are considering major career changes, thinking they have no choice but to start over.

If you are in that position, be reminded that no matter where you are now, you are probably in a better position than you will be if you have to start from scratch. You’ve got skills, experience, contacts and reputation. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are now. Instead of jumping ship, you will be better off working on yourself to be the best version of yourself and in your career.

One thing that is quite obvious now is by the time it is all over, the world as we know it will never remain the same again. The world is emerging into a global digital community with an emphasis on remote access. All facets of business and work will be affected directly or indirectly as people will do all they can to protect themselves of any future eventualities.

Office operations will be affected. The practice of law will also be affected. Law firms will have to adapt to the new normal. The growing trend of “Remote Legal Practice” will certainly become mainstream even in countries like Nigeria. Recently, Justice Zannah, showcased the Bauchi state remote online court system which was actually put to use during this pandemic. This is something they had been working on before the pandemic struck. Expect this to continue. It is no surprise that the National Judicial Council held its 91st meeting online on the 22nd and 23rd of April 2020 as a result of the pandemic.


Here are some of the trends gathered from different sources that you should expect arising from the effects of the airborne novel Coronavirus:        

• The present conventional practice that requires physical presence in courts for filing and hearing of matters and physical presence in offices to work will go under. This has been going on for a while and is set to become the new normal, where you can practice remotely using technology. The NJC during its online meeting set up a committee to “come up with urgent practical strategic measures to be put in place in order to ensure Courts continue to function despite the lockdown and the COVID – 19 challenges.”

• New industries will emerge. New platforms will be created. New ways to collaborate and work together as a community will be developed. Those who can create, disrupt and position themselves rightly will benefit immensely from these disruptive opportunities staring at us now from the COVID – 19 pandemics.

• Digital skills and technology will play an ever-increasing role in business. It will be very simplified for the average Joe to be able to use. Special technical skills will not be required.

• Global homeschooling for kids through online platforms will become conventional. Most schools will go online or have parts of its functions migrated online. This will open the opportunity to engage a school of your choice with teachers from all over the world. 

• Establishments or companies will be run from home and physical offices which are at the vanguard of running offices today will be downgraded or relegated. The physical offices that will still be in use will be much restructured to reflect new social distancing and health standards.

• Noise-cancelling home offices will be on the rise. People will be building, buying or renting homes that have such provisions.

• There will be an increase or rise in Nomad Entrepreneurs. Airbnb will be on the rise. People will no longer pay long term rent. Rents will rather be on a short term basis.

• The Knowledge industries will be on the increase. Trainings that ordinarily took place physically in organizations and the workplace will go virtual. This will be in line with the significant increases in Home Schooling and Online Education.

• The world will learn to work together. There will be global business operations. The idea of a global currency will come up again and again in economic discussions.

History has shown that a recession is always followed by a season of abundance. That is why you need to position yourself and upgrade your skills to function and be a valuable player in the remote legal practice in the new digital economy. The truth is, you can either disrupt yourself, your practice and firm to advantageously position yourself now, or you will be disrupted by the new remote legal practice system and play to catch up.

Now is the time to get yourself and firm ready for the remote legal practice of the new digital economy. Now is the time to position yourself to leverage the opportunities that will come after the pandemic is over.     

You need any help on how to go about it? You can talk with us. Shoot us a mail to schedule a consultation appointment: [email protected].


To Your Success

Luke Ikekpolor 


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