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COVID – 19: Success, Peace and Prosperity in the Time of The Coronavirus Pandemic

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COVID – 19: Success, Peace and Prosperity in the Time of The Coronavirus Pandemic

Peace and Prosperity in the Time of The Coronavirus Everything seems to be upside down. What was the normal and regular way of life for you has been disrupted.

COVID – 19 has brought with it huge changes. In the midst of this, can you have peace? Is it still possible that this year will still be the year you had planned it out to be in terms of achieving some of the successes and goals you had desired?

Many have had all their plans totally dashed to pieces or derailed. Some have been left with that feeling of overwhelm. What’s the reassurance that all will be well?

…How are you going to pull through?

…How can I find that assurance and peace in the midst of everything?


The most critical aspect of achieving your goals and finding that path to success has everything to do with YOU. It has everything to do with how you respond in the time of crisis. The only thing that is limiting you is YOU.

Your skills and your depth of knowledge can take you so far in life, quite far, but ultimately, it is your willingness to find and achieve success, peace, and prosperity when it seems unlikely that will determine the final outcome. It is your will to persevere with all that you’ve got in you and how you handle all the opportunities and resources available to you that will make the difference.

You will need to make some simple adjustments to your actions and your thinking for you to surmount whatever obstacles you face. Success is achievable if you are willing to pay the price.  Success also leaves clues. You can follow the clues that others who have gone ahead drop along the way, you can follow the principles that they were guided with, to forge for yourself the future you desire. Success is duplicable.


Here are some Adjustment to make and thinking patterns to follow:

  1. Do not try to control others. Let people be. Give them space to be. The only person you can and should try to control is yourself. You definitely wouldn’t want anybody to control you. You love the freedom to be who you are, likewise every other person. Genuine persuasion works much better than any form of control. Work towards being an influencer who can inspire people to get things done. Focus and control how you respond, act or think. That’s all that really matters.


  1. News is really more about the bad. That’s what sells. Stay informed but also stay away from negative news. It adds absolutely no value to you. You are not going to lose out in any way if you don’t feed your mind with unnecessary news.


  1. Henry Ford is reported to have said if you say you can or can’t you are correct. It is really up to you. If you can conceive it. If you can believe it. If you can push for it, then you can achieve it. Success starts from within. It is first achieved within, then it will materialize.
  2. True motivation comes from within. What do you tell yourself? Do you think/Talk positive to your mind or do think/talk negative? Do you tell yourself it is doable or it is not? Do you believe you can do it TODAY or do you shift it to a tomorrow yet to come?


Look for the opportunity that is veiled in every challenge or crisis. When things go wrong, don’t focus on what you can’t control. Focus on what you can change. Don’t ask “Why me?” Why not ask, “Why not me?” “What can I do to turn this around?” Always look for opportunities and possibilities. It pays. The Talk You Talk With Yourself Is The Secret.

AS the COVID -19 pandemic rages on, ask yourself, what good can come out of this for me?

The pandemic has brought numerous changes. Ask yourself, are there changes that can come out of this that will be for my good?

What was happening before the pandemic that the current situation makes room for me to change for the better? Ask questions that tune your mind towards opportunities.

The kind of conversations you have with yourself and the questions you ask will open your mind to think and see possibilities and opportunities that may be well hidden from your direct view. When you think like this, the answers may not be immediate but you can make something out of it all. You will eventually be able to chart a course to take if you hang it there. Critical thinking and analysis of your current challenges will yield insights that can prove very rewarding.

COVID – 19 has brought with it many challenges. Your work life is now significantly restricted. This doesn’t mean work has to stop. Look beyond the present. See possibilities. Work remotely and get your practice still operating. Need help with that? Let’s talk. Send an email to [email protected].

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