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I Wake Up Thinking Of Me. Not You!

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October 16, 2019
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The Best Hook With Nothing Good To Chew On Turns Away The Fish!
October 16, 2019
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October 30, 2019
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I Wake Up Thinking Of Me. Not You!

We’ve been talking websites for a bit in your overall Digital branding Strategy. Digital Branding for the lawyer is all about being the hunted and not the hunter. It’s about being the chased and not the chaser.

As much as that is your desire, I assure you that no potential client ever woke up from the bed and just started thinking of you. None. Their interest is not you. They are interested in themselves and their needs. They only think of you (if they know you) only when they have a need that you can help solve. They only think of you in the context of their needs.

Quick story.

Many hundreds of years ago, a good guy named Joseph was in prison for being a good guy (he didn’t have a lawyer too I guess).

Among the inmates were these two guys from the King’s palace he became good friends with. They were serving time for getting into the King’s bad books (they didn’t have a lawyer too I guess).

So, one day, these two guys both had dreams. Now Joseph had a cool gift. He could interpret dreams! So what did Joseph do? He solved their problems. He told them what their dreams meant.

Two dreams. Two outcomes. One ended up dead and the other got out and went back to the service of the King – just as Joseph had interpreted.

Now just before the guy who made it out alive was to leave, Joe asked him for a favour. Simple favour – Remember me. That was all he asked.

After getting out (as Joseph said the guy will) you think the guy remembered him? Nope. He completely forgot UNTIL … yep … until he had a need. A really urgent need. It was King-Size-Urgent-kinda-need. That’s when he remembered good ol’ Joe in prison. Guess who told the King he knew a guy who could solve the king-size problem?

So, that’s how Joe’s ol’ time prison pal hooked up with him again.

Moral of the story. Don’t forget your friends. Lol.

Ok. The main point here is … People will remember you when they have a need and they know that you are the one who has the keys to solve the problem. They’ve got to know FIRST that you can solve their problem then they will remember you … especially in times of need.

You are a problem solver. You help your clients solve their problems. Your website must convey that message clearly to them … you can solve their problems!

You website IS NOT about you. It is really about your clients. It is about solving the problems of your clients through your expertise.

Once a client hits your website, you have only seconds to attract their attention or they are gone. They want to know what you’ve got for them – what they going to get from you – how you can help them. They didn’t wake up thinking of you. They woke up thinking of themselves and their needs. They didn’t wake up wondering where you went to law school or how many years you have been practicing. Nah.

Whatever you say on your website must be in the context of their needs.  It must call their attention to you as a solution provider. You need to shout a message that attracts them. That shows them you can take care of them and their needs and pulls them to initiate contact with you.

If they found you online as a result of a “king-size need” or if later on in life, they encounter a problem, guess who they will call? The guy who can interpret “the law” who can interpret their “dream” – their dream outcome. They’ll look for a “Joseph the lawyer,” the one who they know, can provide solutions.

Let your website show them HOW you can help them. Show them WHAT they’ll get working with you. Show them WHY, they need to have you working for you. Let your website give them real solutions, good value.

Even if they forget you for a season like the king’s wine bearer forgot Joseph, when the need arises, they’ll remember. They’ll look for you where they found you. They’ll look for your website. They’ll reach out to you, because they see that you are a solution provider.

Be A Solution Provider. 

Let me hear back from you by dropping a comment or simply calling me on +2348022021134.


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