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How To Turn Your Addiction Into Profit Your Legal Practice

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How To Turn Your Addiction Into Profit Your Legal Practice

You may say addiction?  Yes, addiction! I believe you can relate to it. We all have them one way and the other.  Addiction can also be referred to as habits. Things we do on a regular basis that has almost become part of us, both good and bad ones.  The bad ones we know we shouldn’t do them, but still indulge in them. Like eating poorly and not exercising, like texting or answering phone calls while driving, drinking alcohol and so on. Here is the good news on how you can turn your addiction to profit.

Some people are habitual procrastinators; some leave too many loose ends; some associate with wrong crowds. One day, those habits may raise their ugly head to bite you if you did not change them.

Most of us resist changes. That can actually be a good habit, but however, since change involves risk and lawyers need to manage risk for their clients and for themselves. Thus in this context avoiding change can be seen as gross misconduct. Because it can be detrimental to your business. Not having an effective website, for example, is marketing misconduct.

What are the bad habits that are holding you back from achieving your business goals? What should you eliminate or cut down on to achieve the success that you wish for as a lawyer?

Take inventory of your weaknesses especially in adapting to technological changes. The first step towards change is recognizing what needs to be changed. The second step is to improved or acquires the skills needed to stay relevant in the marketplace or in the eyes of your target audience.

In all due respect, I want to be deadly frank with you.  The only choice you have is to deal with the addictions, face them head-on or else they will rob you of your competence.

I dare you to spit in the witches faces in order to rock your law practice to the promised land. Face those bad addictions ahead and channel the energy, time, resources used on them to work on your business.


  1. Olufemi Franklin O. says:

    I must say this is a very insightful and engaging subject matter that calls for urgent discussion. It must noted that Lawyers are humans who interact and do business with other humans either in the Court rooms or the interview rooms and as such we are largely flawed by our basic fallibilities. One of which is additions manifesting in diverse ways. As rightly observed by the poster, resistance tochange can be a big issue in the Legal Profession in Nigeria and evidence of this stare us in the face. However, there is a pressing need to embrace positive change and infuse some more cotemporary ideas into the practice. This is being achieved in Lagos State as the state keeps evoling with time, alas! Its just one small little state and others are still lagging. The world had become a global village and lawyers cannot afford not to tag along in the technological explosion happening right under our nose. We must have assess to information, happenings around the worldn must be computer literate with knowledge of how to use the internet for anything at all, exposure to the practice in other legal systems among others. This is a very timely issue and I thank the admin of Legalpedia for raising it at a time like this. I hope we will all come together and break the jinx that is keeping us from embracing positive change and evolving into a better community. Thanks.

    • Legalpedia Legalpedia says:

      Thanks for your understanding Olufemi Franklin. We are glad that you saw the need. Just like you rightly said it is indeed a “subject matter that calls for urgent discussion” in order to rightly leverage on the tools available on the cyber space.