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How to Stop Leaving Money on the Table: The Fortune is in the Follow-up

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How to Stop Leaving Money on the Table: The Fortune is in the Follow-up

This post is about ‘How to Stop Leaving Money on the Table: The Fortune is in the Follow-up. The earlier you realized that the better for you and your lawHow to Stop Leaving Money on the Table: The Fortune is in the Follow-upfirm.

Every lawyer and law-firm has a list of prospective clients they’ve talked with at some point but yet to hired them.

They have people who visited their website and filled out a form. The people who called and asked questions.  They have People they consulted with about their case or situation. Some even show or sounded that they needed your service urgently, still, there is no show. As days pass by you keep believing and hoping that they will hire you soon.

It is very good to keep hope alive.  As a professional lawyer, your practice should be base on hope.   There should be certain result-driven proactiveness.

For someone who needs legal help,  there are many reasons he or she contacts a lawyer or firm and end up not hiring them in the end.  Some of those reasons are unconquerable, and at the same time, some are an issue of timing.

They want to hire a lawyer but. . .

– They need to get buy-in from someone

– They’re still trying to fix the problem themselves

– They want to explore other options

– They need time to get the money
– They need time for their problem to worsen before they’re willing to spend the money
– They’re hoping the problem will go away on its own
– The problem did go away, but they’ve got another one they haven’t mentioned
– They may have lost the lawyer’s name and phone number (contact).

The list goes on and on.

That list of prospective clients who need your help but haven’t taken the next step that you have, some of them will eventually contact you and hire you. Most won’t statistically speaking.

They need more information about their problem, about their options, or about your services. They want you to convince them to take the next step, to assure them you really can help them, to tell them everything will be okay. So, they want to talk to you again.

Unfortunately, by the time you realize this, they would have signed up with another lawyer. This is why the expression, “The fortune is in the follow-up” is nothing but the truth.

If you follow up with the people on your lists, stay in touch with them, remind them you can help them (and that they still need help), and invite them to contact you again and again for more clarity and understanding,  more prospective clients on your list will hire you.

But if you do not follow-up with them, not on their face, not showing concern and assured them,  they won’t.

If you ask a car dealer, they will tell you that most people don’t buy a car the first time they visit the showroom.  Same way, most people don’t get married after the first date, and most people don’t hire a lawyer after one conversation or meeting.

This is why you need to follow up and never get tired of it.


You can call or write or use email to automate the process. Whatever you do,  but don’t leave the follow-up to your prospective clients. That’s not their job description, it’s yours to do. It is not a probono,  you are well-rewarded for it.

So, stop leaving money on your table, the boom or surge of clients you are looking for or expecting, is in the follow-up.


Your Business Growth Advocate,

Luke Ikekpolor


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