How to Make Clients Line Up and Beg You to Take their Money!

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June 27, 2015
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How to Make Clients Line Up and Beg You to Take their Money!

You’re a lawyer, you don’t do marketing, right? Wrong.

How profitable will your firm be if you systematically planned and implemented legal ‘business’ activities intended to bring potential clients in the door; an overall system or plan that takes prospects through the journey from being a legal prospect to your client? Do you have a plan like that? Well, that’s marketing! And that doesn’t contravene the law at all!! Yes. You read that right. It doesn’t.

You’re a lawyer, you don’t advertise, right? Wrong! Wrong!!

Really?! Yes!
When you give out your complimentary card, when you tell a friend, who tells another, that’s advertising. Do you have a sign post that says who you are in front of your firm? That’s a form of advertising. Got that?
Legal advertising is all about getting the word out there about your legal services. Now, the challenge is the medium and manner in which you get this word out. Just getting the word out there IS advertising. Doing it is one thing while doing it professionally and ethically is another.

You’re a lawyer, you don’t sell, right? Wrong!
When you sit down to have a discussion with a potential client you are in a sales conversation. You are essentially ‘selling’ your firm and services to the potential client. You give them reason to see why they should rather do business with you and not another. Legal sales or the potential client or initial client meeting is all about closing the deal. You make a recommendation and you quote a fee.
Words like ‘selling,’ ‘advertising’ or ‘marketing’ do not resonate well with lawyers for obvious reasons. What if there is a professional and ethical way to engage in these activities in a comprehensive, systematic and interesting way that makes you the guru through which all requests for legal information come; the preferred choice. You become the ‘hunted’ by clients and not the other way round. You can accept only those cases that fit your perfect case profile while making friends with both the declined client and the lawyer you refer them to when you decline. You can lock everyone up in “your herd” forever so that the next time they or anyone in their circle of friends needs an attorney like you, you will be the first option to be considered. A first among equals.

Our goal at Legalpedia is to reveal well kept secrets of legal marketing used by a few super successful Legal practitioners to you, to create a highly profitable and enjoyable legal career and free you from pain and stress with automated systems that grow your firm, giving you the time freedom to devote to the things and people most dear to you. This series will take you through thought provoking ideas and methods of ‘legal marketing’ that are “outside the box.” This is about bringing real clarity to marketing in the legal profession. In their true definitions, marketing and advertising are not wrong or dis-allowed within the noble profession. It’s all about really understanding what they mean and how they can be done within the confines of the law using these little known techniques that are guaranteed to bring the kind of success you only dream of.

Legal marketing is really about how lawyers can differentiate themselves in their area of expertise (the market place) and attract at will their preferred clients. Your law practice, just the same as the practice of a medical doctor or an accountant, etc. is a business. And you will agree with me that a business exists to make profit as it provides value to the market place (clients and customers). In this profession, just as the same as the others, our revenue is generated from clients that agree to do business with us. Your practice can be a wealth building tool for you without pain and stress, providing great value to your clients who are consistently satisfied with your services and keep returning as they refer you to others.

To be the best and provide maximum value to your clients you need to build and nurture a profitable business that runs on systems and does not require you, to spend any time doing something that is not the highest value use of your time. It doesn’t matter how good of a lawyer you are (as important as that may be). All these don’t matter at all if you don’t have a steady flow of new clients coming down through your automated and systematized marketing pipeline. Marketing is the one critical thing that can make or break you.

You need to know and believe that you can be the preferred legal service provider, first and above all the competing law firms out there struggling for the attention of your ideal customer. That you can develop your business and make it reputable, dynamic, successful and fun too.

You need to shed the belief system that says that you must market to every Tom Dick and Harry and accept every case that comes your way. Loose the fear that you won’t have any clients if you ‘select’ those you wish to work with and open your mind to a direct response approach to legal marketing where you attract only the kind of clients you want and are willing to work with.

Still interested? Or do you think this is too “outside the box?” Are you in the camp which believes that lawyers shouldn’t think about things like “profit”, “value” or “running your law office like a business?”

You do have a choice. So, if you believe that there IS a better way to go about the business of the practice of law in order to lead the life you (and your family) want to lead, keep reading. Who says you can’t have it all as a lawyer? Have a great life. Great practice. Great relationships. And a practice just the way you wish it to be?
You need to buck industry norms. YOU NEED TO STOP THINKING LIKE A LAWYER! Shocking?
Welcome to the Profitable Law Firm series.

Welcome to ‘OUTSIDE THE BOX MAGNETIC LEGAL MARKETING’ for Nigerian lawyers.


  1. olumide says:

    Why did the article end abruptly ?

  2. Ndukwe Charles Ndukwe says:

    This article is a master piece. It just summarizes the brain storming that I have been doing with my partner at the office all these while. Thumbs up to you guys!

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