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Here’s How To Keep Publishing Content For Your Practice Without Getting Exhausted…

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Here’s How To Keep Publishing Content For Your Practice Without Getting Exhausted…

avoidcontentcreationexhaustionIt can be quite a challenge having to write blog content for your practice on a consistent and regular basis…I have experienced it. However, it has to be done. Studies have shown that there is a connection between the publishing of posts and the traffic that a website gets.

Like is said, it is definitely not an easy task. It takes more time than you might think. It might even require working beyond your regular work hours and you must always be bristling with new ideas. You might also need to brush up your editing skills.

To avoid being burnt out with this responsibility, there are some people that have figured out how to do it a little differently.

The most crucial element of a successful and less tedious content marketing strategy is a Content Plan with the goal of crafting better ideas and writing legal articles for your website in less time. Here are a few tips to achieve this:

Make your content publishing goal realistic.

It’s true that the more regular you post content on your site, the more traffic it attracts. However, it’s important that you have a goal that’s realistic. In other words, it will be pretty ambitious to post a dozen articles a week if your practice is fairly busy. The best bet is to have a plan and be consistent with it.

You can always adjust your goal over time as you become more comfortable with blogging. But it’s important to define your goal, first. You can better determine a game plan once your goal is defined. If you aim to write three blogs per week, you can then ask yourself: What will I write about? How much time will I need? What are my deadlines for each piece? How do I hold myself accountable?

When you know your goal and what you’ll expect from yourself, you’ll be able to spend time on the important task of writing because you’re better prepared.

Block out time for writing and stick to.

As human beings, we are wired to start out strong on a new idea, especially when we’re excited about it. But as the weeks and months go by, we have a very strong tendency to relent a little on achieving our goals.

It’s one thing to set a goal – it’s another to persevere. Once you know what your goal is, you’ll need to be strict about blocking out the time needed to write. I used the word ‘block’ because it is more deliberate than just making out the time. These ‘blocked out’ times are non-negotiable…you stop every other thing you’re doing and focus solely on writing during these times.

It’s better to choose times during the day where you have better mental energy. For some lawyers, that may be early in the morning. For others, afternoon or evening may be best. “Sometime” is indefinite — it can be pushed back endlessly by other, more urgent tasks or even by procrastination or distraction. Lawyers who hold themselves accountable for completing their posts are much more likely to make progress and reap the benefits of content marketing.

Make distractions your enemy.

Distractions are PLENTY! Some might even be legitimate ones. Distractions can keep you from blogging well. Your smartphone, your email inbox, your coworkers and even your family members can distract you from writing. When you’ve blocked out the time to write and you’ve set a deadline, stick to it. Turn off your phone, log out of your email, shut the door to your office and go as far as indicating to others that you don’t want to be interrupted.

The good thing is that the fewer distractions you have, the faster you’ll write your blog. You become a better writer when you devote your focus to one task at a time.

Be ready anywhere to write down your blog ideas whenever they come.

In order not to eat into your time for other productive tasks asides blogging, the best thing you can do is to come up with law firm blog post ideas in advance, and write down post ideas as soon as you have them. You should actually dedicate a small notebook or online document for your law firm blog post ideas when they come. This will come in really handy when you are stuck on what to write. When you already have many ideas to choose from, you can pick one and use that time to write a blog — not to scramble for an idea.


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