Eat Your Way Out of High Blood Pressure

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March 2, 2016
March 7, 2016
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Eat Your Way Out of High Blood Pressure

Did you know that food is medicine? If you eat the right meals in the right proportions, you can actually get well and improve your health and well being.
So what foods or meals can we make that can help you reduce blood pressure.

First let’s look at something you can take for Breakfast;

A simple smoothie is Banana, Yoghurt, Green (tete) and berries( these may be a bit tough to get and can be substituted with raisins used to bake). A banana, a bunch of greens and a handful of berries is ok. Blend all together and serve

For Lunch

We can have Wheat and Egusi soup. When preparing Egusi soup, we can use the following as our seasoning,
A blend of ginger,garlic and onions as seasoning. Other seasoning substitutes that can be used are dawadawa and melon seed.
A blend of all these with sea salt can serve as seasoning for Egusi soup. Wheat/ Elkris oats can be made the regular way we make meals we refer to as swallow.
Simple bring water to a boil and stir in some wheat flour Or Elkris oats.Serve with Egusi soup.
For Dinner
Steam vegetables with a little of a portion local rice.Vegetables like carrots,cabbage, cucumbers, onions, pumpkin.
Season with a mixture of sea salt and ginger and some hot pepper. Heat up some coconut oil preferably 2 tablespoons then pour in the vegetables and stir and allow to simmer for 7- 10 mins.

Enjoy your meal.

Below is a 7day meal plan that will help in lowering Blood pressure.

Days               Lunch                                                                     Dinner
1               Wheat with any Vegatable Soup                            A bowl of salad before any meal of your choice
2               Local Rice/Ofada Rice with Stew                          A bowl of salad and fired rice. (ensure the      vegetables
                 and Steamed carrots & cabbage                           used are not overcooked)
3               Juice Fast                                                              Juice Fast
4               Beans and Stew/regular palmoil Beans                 A bowl of salad
5               Steamed Vegetables and Jollof rice                       A bowl of salad and a bowl of oats
6               Plantain Amala and any Vegetable Soup              A smothie-cucumber apple, cashew nuts & coconut                                                                                                                        milk
7.              Sweet Potatoes and Stew or any Vegetable         A bowl of salad and sandwiches made from wheat
                 Soup                                                                       bread

Some helpful tips in utilizing your meal plan

  • Ensure that your vegetable soups are not over cooked, as all the nutrients will be lost
  • Limit meat/fish to one piece a day
  • Finish your bowl of salad before you eat your dinner. (if you find out you are full, do not try to eat your dinner)
  • Meals should be cooked using sea salt, and not the regular iodized salt, as this helps in controlling sodium.
  • This is tough but avoid using Maggi in meals, replace seasoning with things like sea salt, curry, basil leaf, oregano, ginger, garlic, black pepper, amino acids. any seasoning that does not contain MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) can be used.
  • The juice fast involves only taking juices throughout the day. At the end of the day, you can take a bowl of oats and some moimoi. Each juice is taken every two hours. Start with the juice fast at 8am and you should be ending it by 6pm.
  • Fruits to juice includes;
  1. Carrot alone
  2. Watermelon alone
  3. Pineapple and cucumber
  4. Carrot and cucumber
  5. Cucumber, apple and ginger
To Your Good Health,

Dr. Rebekah Olofin

P.S: I’m thinking of doing something for all those challenges with Blood Pressure issues. It’s free but it requires daily commitment for the next 100 days. if you think you’d like to be part of this send me a message or reply this mail.

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