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A Personal Letter To YOU                                                     

  • A Good Lawyer Is Not One Who Knows The Law But One Who Knows Where To Find The Law
  • – Lord Denning

Many things go into making a law firm more productive and profitable and keeping your clients satisfied. The reality of practice is the huge toll it takes on your time. There are a thousand and one things to do with little or no time leaving you tired and exhausted at the end of the day with little energy for any other thing. Many times it feels like you are married to your practice with no time for any other thing. Your life and that of your partners (for only God knows how many years), seems to begin and end in the office or in court.

Research is critical to your success in practice. If you had a much simpler way of getting it done with ready-made digital samples for you to copy, paste and format, imagine how much stress and time will that save you!

To you my dear friend I have a tool that can help you cut down research time so that you can do other things dear to your heart.

Legalpedia is a DIGITAL LIBRARY of thousands of copy and paste, already done for you legal materials and resources. It is the LARGEST digital repository of Legal resources in Nigeria. It gives you the broadest selection of resources for use in your research.

Let’s put this in perspective for you. A hardcopy of the Law Report contains an average of 3 judgments. To have 12,000 judgments you will need to buy about 4,000 Law Reports! A Law Report book costs an average of N2, 000. Multiplied by 4,000 books, it will cost a WHOOPING N8, 000,000!

With Legalpedia, you get:

• Supreme Court Cases (1960 – date, with almost 10,000 cases)

• Court of Appeal Cases

• Laws of the Federation (LFN) 2004 with Updates

• Federal High Court Cases

• Sharia Court of Appeal Cases

• Procedure Rules of the Supreme Court

• Procedure Rules of the Court of Appeal

• Civil Procedure Rules of the Federal High Court

• Admiralty Procedure Rules of the Federal High Court

• Civil Procedure Rules of 36 States of the Federation

• Election Petition Cases

• Tax Cases

• Capital Market Cases

• Forms and Precedents

• Articles and Reviews

• Law Dictionary with Nigerian Cases

• Legal Maxims

• NBA Publications

  •     INSTANT ACCESS TO OVER 12, 000  summaries of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals judgments complete with valuable information on the Area of Law, Issues addressed by the Court, what was Held and the Ratios valued at over N 8, 000, 000

      •     UPDATES valued at over N200, 000!

      •     FREE SUPER FAST AND ACCURATE in built search engine used by Fortune 500 companies valued at over N340, 000 as a yearly royalty!

      •     Access to all the work put in by our Legal and Software teams for the greater part a decade!

The total value of all of these things put together is well over N8, 540,000!

We decided to make this SO EASY for you to make up your mind.

You can have all the awesome benefits of over N8, 540,000 worth of value for a yearly subscription of jus

N​40, 000!

Get 3 Bonus Gifts With Your Subscription.
Limited Time Offer!

To sweeten the deal even further, for a limited time we’ve decided to offer NEW subscribers three exciting BONUS GIFTS … A total value of N 190, 000 – but yours FREE if you act today!

Super Bonus #1:

If you take action today we will give you a one Year FREE license to access all of our resources online (via the web) - A N 40, 000 Value, Yours FREE! Legalpedia Online FREE for a FULL year!

Super Bonus # 2:

The Legalpedia Android App FREE for one year! Yes. Not for a month but for 12 months – no strings attached. A N 45, 000 Value, Yours FREE! What others make you pay for, we give you for FREE!

Super Bonus #3:

Legalpedia iOS (iPad and iPhone) version FREE! N 150,000 Value, Yours FREE! The last time we sold the iPad Version, it was for N150, 000].

Why are we doing this? It’s simple – we are out to overwhelm you with value. Period. No strings attached. We want to make this a no brainer for you. An offer you can’t resist.

NOBODY GIVES YOU THEIR ONLINE (WEB), ANDROID AND iOS (iPad and iPhone) APPS FREE. NOBODY … But you can have it all, FREE with your purchase

With your subscription you get access to the Largest Digital Repository of Legal Resources in Nigeria on not just one platform but on FOUR PLATFORMS for the price of ONE:

  • PC                   [N 60,000]
  • iOS (iPad)        [N 150, 000]
  • Android           [N 50,000]
  • Online/Web   . [N 45,000] .

That’s a total of           N 305, 000

If you act now you will get it for just N 40,000!!! ​


We have to be part of the digital age if we want to compete globally... I urge all Lawyers and judicial officers to subscribe to Legalpedia.

Legalpedia will go a long way to put the Bar on the technology track that it so badly needs to re-brand itself.


(George Etomi & Co.)

For me, the easiest machine to handle is the iPad, especially mine that has the full compliments of Legalpedia. My tasks are easily accomplished and my clients served with dispatch and accuracy.


(State House Counsel, The Presidency)

I have been using Legalpedia for the past 5 years now… they have transformed into something more modern, faster and easier, more user-friendly. For me, Legalpedia is the ‘in thing’ for lawyers now and I will always choose Legalpedia. The new interface is faster, simpler with bigger letterings and a better and easier and more straightforward search engine.

Barr. Osunkoya

​You don't want to miss out on any of this, Take action now!