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  • "A Good Lawyer Is Not One Who Knows The Law But One Who Knows Where To Find The Law"
  • -Lord Denning

Hi, am Mayowa Imasuen, Legalpedia Business Development Specialist...

Many things go into making a law firm more productive and profitable, and keeping your clients satisfied. The reality of practice is the huge toll it takes on your time.

There are a thousand and one things to do with little or no time, leaving you tired and exhausted at the end of the day with little energy for any other thing.

Many times it feels like you are married to your practice with no time for any other thing.

Your life and that of your partners (for only God knows how many years), seems to begin and end in the office or in court.

If only you had more time to get more done faster, efficiently and effectively without all the associated stress and long hours.

If only you could do so much more in hours, instead of days and weeks and free yourself to take on more clients, and increase your bottom line.

If only you could free up more time and get more briefs, agreements and presentations prepared in the shortest time.

These and other challenges that you face, have now taken a different twist. 

Welcome to the world of the Remote Digital Economy and workplace.

You need to move away from the old and manual ways of doing your work. You need to go online. You need to go mobile. You need to position yourself and your firm to not miss a beat in carrying out your research work.

Research is critical to your success in practice.

If you had a much simpler way of getting it done even from the comfort of your home, online, with ready-made digital samples for you to copy, paste and format, imagine how much stress and time will that save you!

To you my dear friend, I have a tool that can help you cut down research time so that you can do other things dear to your heart.

Legalpedia is a DIGITAL LIBRARY of thousands of copy and paste, already done for you legal materials and resources.

It is the LARGEST digital repository of Legal resources in Nigeria. It gives you the broadest selection of resources for use in your research – your virtual resource library you access anywhere!

With the Legalpedia, we GUARANTEE that:

1. You WILL find relevant facts and information OVER 90% times FASTER THAN YOU WILL FIND THEM FROM ANY REGULAR LIBRARY, no matter the number of people doing the research for you
manually. We will beat your manual approach to research HANDS DOWN!

2. We guarantee that all our resources –

  • Over 15,000 combined Supreme Court, Court of Appeal cases and summaries spanning over 5 decades

    ✓ The entire LFN 2004 plus all updates

    ✓ Federal High Court Cases,

    ✓ Supreme Court Rules

    ✓ Court of Appeal Rules

    ✓ Federal High Court Civil Procedure Rules

    ✓ High Court Rules from the FCT

    ✓ ALL Rules of Court of the 36 states of the Federation and the FCT.

    ✓ Forms and Precedents

    ✓ Practice Guide

    ✓ Law Dictionary

    ✓ Legal Maxims and so much more

will save you nothing less than 99% of the total cost of all the physical reports in any average Law library anywhere, in this country

3. We guarantee that NO ONE ELSE gives you ALL THE BROAD SELECTION OF RESOURCES contained in Legalpedia. Others GIVE YOU SOME OF THE RESOURCES, NO ONE ELSE GIVES ALL that we give you!

There is a lot of uncertainty out there. I want to make sure that, how you go about doing your research is as simplified as much as possible for you – that it is faster, simpler and easier and most of all, doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

This is an offer that is given to genuinely help you, as you navigate these tough times.

That means…

1. Legalpedia Online 1 year license at N43,500 for you

2.  Legalpedia Online 6 months license at N21,500

3. Legalpedia Offline 1 year license at N64,500

4. Legalpedia Offline 6 months license at N32,500

This is our own way of supporting you with a tool that can be the game changer for you in your practice. Take with you, your entire library anywhere you go.

No physical limitations of the old ways.