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Your Business is Under Siege.

The World You Knew Is Gone. And It Is Not Coming Back. You Have Two Options:

1) Try to cling to what was before

2) Eagerly welcome the revolution and embrace the future unknown

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Hi, My name is Mayowa Imasuen, the Business Development Specialist at Legalpedia.

Two years ago, the world was glued to the news screens following the story of the eleven Thai boys and their coach that were trapped in a cave due to rising water levels from heavy rainfalls.

We all stood transfixed and prayerful as the whole story unfolded. The rescue operation was one that had never been attempted by any diver in known history. The risk levels were high. Only the best of elite Seals divers and professionals could attempt such a daring rescue mission.

Many options were considered and discarded. Finally, one was chosen. It was a carefully planned and choreographed operation. It involved locating the boys first and ascertaining their health condition before determining the best option to get them out.

With the treacherous rainfall waters of Thailand causing tides to rise fast and with the approaching monsoon season, the timing was critical and speed was of the essence.

The final plan involved finding a way in and a way out, then laying guide ropes and markers all the way through the murky waters were visibility was an issue. Guide ropes from outside where freedom lay, to the inside of the blocked cave where the stranded boys waited, holding on to the last strand of hope they had for rescue.

The world watched in awe as one after the other, each boy was brought out alive by two professional divers, as they followed the guide ropes and markers that they had carefully laid.

After the path of success had been determined and proven, it was only a matter of following what had been proven to work - to follow the guide ropes and markers according to the plan.

Without the guide ropes firmly in place, the outcome would have been quite different

It was a rescue mission born out of a dream, a hope, a possibility – in the midst of uncertainty.

COVID -19 has brought with it many uncertainties. No one living has ever experienced what is currently going on. The pandemic has forced changes globally. The practice of law has not been spared. The changes have been drastic.

For many lawyers, the use of virtual tools, remote office work and the like are a first. All of these seem overwhelming to many.

Your work does not have to stop because of the pandemic. Yes, things must change for you but not stop.

You need to have in your hands the right kind of tools to go through the changes that have come to stay. You need a guide rope to help you adapt and continue with the good work you do.

Here at Legalpedia, we want to assure you that we’ve got your back. We’ve got just what you need to make the changes you need to keep going, to survive and to excel.

 Whether you’re a solo Lawyer, a firm or Judge, Legalpedia is here to help

you with tools to keep you going in the midst of all the uncertainty:

  1. 1
    Sometimes your team needs to work together on specific projects. Apart from communicating and virtual meetings, work needs to be shared/done in a collaborative way.
    What you need is an online collaboration tool for video and audio conferencing, messaging and for document and file sharing, securely and remotely. Let's help you with the best fit for your firm.
  2. 2
    This is our unique on-premise solution for law firms who are security conscious and want the comfort of knowing their virtual office platform is run locally from their own office servers customized for their own operations.
    This solution helps your firm manage case documents and files, communication and projects management remotely.
    In the midst of the pandemic, keep your office operations running securely as you can operate virtually from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.
    With a few clicks, everything going on in your office i.e. from meetings with clients, to case management, document management, clients’ management and task management and so on can be handled and taken care of.
    With this, you can monitor your office and do your work remotely.
  3. 3
    This solution will help your firm manage all documents, letting you have speedy access and easy retrieval.
    Say bye to the days of cluttered office spaces and missing files. You may not be able to go to work but still need access to your documents, this solution takes care of that for you.
    Digitize ALL your documents, and access them remotely while securing the physical ones.
    With this solution, you will never lose another critical file in your ever-growing number of documents within your organization and you can allocate your time and resources to other activities instead of searching for documents.
  4. 4
    REGISTRY TECHNOLOGY (e-Filing and Case-flow management)
    A solution that automates case flow management from case filing all the way to disposition and eliminates the bottlenecks that hamper speed, efficiency, accuracy and high productivity in our law courts.
    Safety is the watchword now, imagine being able to file your cases etc. from the comfort of your home or office without physically present in Court. Yes, that's the convenience we bring for you.
  5. 5
    A solution that helps to transcribe exact verbal communication on a real-time basis by professional stenographers, while participants (judges, lawyers, witnesses) speak in court.
    The participants' words are recorded verbatim and transcribed instantly and the transcript made available almost immediately after the court sitting.
    This saves judges a large amount of time from the manual recording of deliberations, allowing for the smooth and uninterrupted flow of proceedings.
    Verbatim reporting makes exact court records available to those who require it. But now, Court sessions have gone virtual! Verbatim reporting works virtually as well.
    We have successfully deployed a unique solution where you can have verbatim reporting services during your virtual proceedings or sessions. As a judge, you can concentrate on the virtual hearings and receive the transcripts of the sessions afterwards!

From the solo lawyer to the small or big law firm and the courts,

we have something THAT WILL HELP YOU.

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Today, I offer you our support and help - the keys to the kingdom if you will.

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