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You Do NOT Have To buy any other Software to do your legal research ANYMORE! ...

Save Time on Research and Get Access To The Largest Repository of Nigerian Legal Resourses!!!

Have you been in that terrible situation where you just can’t seem to find what you’re looking for in law books?

Have you been forced to buy countless books or borrow from collegues each time you are to work on a new case?

Do you now own multiple ‘so-called’ legal research software to be able to meet your research needs?

There’s a MUCH Better option…

What if you can have access to almost any kind of case law without the need of buying ANY OTHER resource?

What if you can have the answers you need without having to spend long tedious hours, days or weeks in research?

What if you can have access over 13,000 judgements both from the Supreme Court & Court of Appeal, Summaries of Judgments, each with information about the Area of Law, Summary of Facts, Issues, Ratio and more?

What if you can unlock ALL the answers to your research and have them distilled for INSTANT access right WHERE, WHEN AND HOW YOU NEED IT?

· Over 13,000 comprehensive judgments from the Supreme Court & Court of Appeal, with summaries complete with relevant information spanning a period of over 5 decades till date worth over a million Naira all in your bag, your pocket or even in your hands to keep you way ahead of the game.

· The COMPLETE Laws of the Federation 2004 (with ALL Updates till date)

· The Civil Procedure Rules of EVERY state of the Federation as well as the 3 Higher Courts

· Forms and Precedents on a variety of topics

· and lots, lots more...

Legalpedia 3 For The Price Of 1 IS your better OPTION

With Legalpedia 3 For The Price Of 1:

· You have easy access to over 12,000 Case summaries complete with valuable information about the Area of Law, Summary of Facts, Issues and Ratio of each one and more

· You can take your entire library with you wherever you go!

· You also get results for your search tailored to give you the most valuable and relevant information

· You get HUGE SAVINGS on what could easily cost you a fortune to acquire

· You get IMMEDIATE answers saving you valuable time you can spend on other productive activities

· And you have INSTANT UPDATES to current resources EVERYTIME...as long as your account is valid!!!

...that's right!

We are driven by the vision to see every Lawyer in this country enjoy the benefits of twenty first century legal research.

Legalpedia is already a valuable keepsake for countless lawyers, but you don’t have to take my word for it...
hear from them yourselves

What People Are Saying

I have been using Legalpedia for the past 5 years now… they have transformed into something more modern, faster and easier more user-friendly. For me, Legalpedia is the ‘in thing’ for lawyers now and I will always choose Legalpedia. The new interface is faster, simpler with bigger letterings and a better and easier and more straightforward search engine.

Barr. Osunkoya

The newly improved Legalpedia software is good…the color and the fonts, the general outlay of the software and how it is self-explanatory and makes all the necessary and desired contents easily accessible. It is also rich in content.

Barr. O.E. Falodun

Legalpedia is your library on the go. Searching for cases in the conventional Libary was not a bed of rose for me until i discovered legalpedia.Kudos.

Ugberaese Sylvester

…and this is the reason why we do what we do.

Here Is What You Get When You Get Started Today...

You WILL find relevant facts, information and materials from our legal software OVER 90% times FASTER THAN YOU WILL FIND THEM THROUGH ANY REGULAR LIBRARY, no matter the number of people doing the research for you manually. We will beat your manual approach to research HANDS DOWN!

We guarantee that all our resources – Supreme Court Cases, Court of Appeal Cases, Rules of Court of 36 States plus the Federal Capital territory, the entire LFN 2004 plus updates…. will save you nothing less than 99% of the total cost of all the books and reports in any average Law library anywhere, in this country.

We guarantee that NO ONE ELSE will give you ALL THE RESOURCES we are giving you. No one else matches us. Others CAN ONLY GIVE YOU SOME OF THE RESOURCES, NO ONE ELSE GIVES ALL!

Over 12,000 Supreme Court and Court of Appeal cases with summaries spanning over 5 decades complete with the Area of Law, Summary of Facts, Issues and Ratio

The entire LFN 2004 plus all updates

Federal High Court Cases,

Supreme Court Rules

Court of Appeal Rules

Federal High Court Civil Procedure Rules

High Court Rules from the FCT

ALL Rules of Court of the 36 states of the Federation to help you prepare for an appearance in ANY court in Nigeria or, file documents and so much more.

Forms and Precedents to prepare agreements and contracts within a shorter time

Practice Guide

Articles & Reviews,

Law Dictionary and

Legal Maxims

...and so much more.

Yes, Legalpedia will help you be more productive, efficient, save time and cost and ultimately boost profitability because over 90% of research work has already been done for you! All you have to do is find it, copy, paste and tweak!

How easier can this get?

If you are NOT INTERESTED in:

Letting go of the manual approach to research and risking the opportunity to survive in a more competitive economy,


Putting an end to spending long and stressful hours in a library instead of focusing on what matters the most – getting new clients,

If you are NOT INTERESTED in:

Saving your hard earned money stocking up a library that will end up sucking up your time and energy

If you are NOT INTERESTED in:

A done for you Copy, Paste and Tweak solution that makes life more productive and profitable for you

You might be worrying about the cost... No need to

I'm pretty sure that you are aware of the fortune lawyers are spending to keep up with every new case, Law, rule, etc that is released.

To keep the pace, the lawyer spends at least N5,000 EVERY MONTH on new resources.

That’s even the lawyer that can actually afford it.

I understand that everything good has its price...so does Legalpedia.

However, I assure that you do NOT to break the bank to own it.

If the ‘average’ lawyer is spending an average of N60,000 / year (N5,000 each month) to keep abreast of the Law, then Legalpedia 3 For The Price Of 1 IS YOUR BEST OPTION!

With just N49,9999, you can have instant access to Legalpedia On Three Devices, that is:
Your Laptop/Destop
Your Tab
and... Your Phone!

Which means you have access to your library when and where you need it!

This is Offer you can't afford to miss!

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