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10 Blog Post Ideas For Any Lawyer To Keep Their Readers Engaged And Coming Back Again And Again For More

December 20, 2019
To let you see at a glance what you will learn from the post.
February 4, 2020
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10 Blog Post Ideas For Any Lawyer To Keep Their Readers Engaged And Coming Back Again And Again For More

Getting stuck getting ideas for anything is unpleasant. One thing that many get stuck with as lawyers are generating content for their blogs.

It is especially tough when you are a small law firm and you are saddled with the responsibility of generating content and also doing a thousand and one other things. You don’t seem to even have time to think at all. When you do get around to thinking, you find yourself just staring blankly at your computer screen. Your mind empty. Nothing coming. It happens to many of us. Even to the very best.

Blogs are a very important way to keep your clients, prospects and readers engaged and enlightened. It provides your readers with educational content, gives your audience more opportunities to engage with your law firm and helps cement your professional image as a credible lawyer with a great reputation. Yes. It is a sure way to build authority status BUT it requires consistency and valuable content focused on the right things at the right times. You do need to be creative when dishing out content.

Prospects are bombarded by hundreds of content on a daily basis and the attention span of the average person is quite short. There is a lot of competition out there for your ideal clients’ attention.

 You need to be able to get it their attention fast and hold it. That’s where your creativity comes in.

At a glance, your reader should be able to know- What the content is, Who it is for and What the benefit is for them. Your headline must be that captivating to make them make an immediate decision to stay and read your content.

Here are some tips for blog ideas to keep the flow of value and engagement going.


1. List Post

List posts are very popular because they work well. All you need to do is create a very valuable list of books, tools, resources, or any other thing that your readers will find very useful to them.

An example of a List post is our blog post: 7 Super Simple Tactics to take you on the Top

This is a simple post that lists out 7 different tactics that you can use in your legal marketing to take you to the top. List posts show that you have done the work and tested out what works and you are giving it out as a quick win or short cut for your readers. They can then make a choice from the list you are giving them. No need for them to crack their heads figuring out which one works.


2. Case Study Post

Using the title “case study” in your headline gives your post an extra shine. It draws attention. It shows that you have done some heavy work in coming up with a case study. It shows that there is something one can learn. Something that your readers can relate with. Something that can give them a solution they need.

Here is a post by our digital marketing company iVEN DMC on how Wakaanow hijacked its competitor’s customers.


3. Problem/Solution Post

This type of post has an easy format:

1. You first define a problem

2. Then you present a solution to the problem

This is the one kind of post that can borrow from other post types. It can borrow from the FAQ Post, How-To Post, or Checklist Post.

Here is an example: Building your Brand Online for Free


4. ContentAggregator

This is one cool way to attract readers. Remember the content overload we talked about earlier on? So, many people get inundated with so much content that it gets really overwhelming. A great solution to this is the content aggregator post. Aggregate resources in one place and send it to your audience even though it’s not your original content. You are putting together in one place valuable resources for them so that they don’t have to go all over to search for them. You give them the juicy part of several contents and they can decide if they want to read more of that particular content or not.


5. Series Post

Break a topic into a series. People love series. Think movies. That can be applied to posts too. You can now drip release it over the course of a certain period of time.As you release them, remember to interlink them so that your readers can have access to all the posts in that series. For example, in a series post, we have to identify your customer Avatar as the first in the series. The second was about “Creating Awareness” and so on. These posts are all connected and are a continuation but broken down into several parts.


6. Interview Post

Interviews are killer content. It is a way to distil years of experience from a knowledgeable and experienced guest into bite-size chunks for your readers. Interviews show you the salient points. They show you what really matters and the core lessons to be learnt. From the benefit of experience, the guest can direct readers to what works, why it works and how it works, saving people are a ton of time and effort to achieve similar goals.
Interviews can be done live, through emails or an audio call that is recorded. Interviews with influencers can really attract a lot of people.
You can derive many more types of content from one interview. You can make it into a video or audio content. You can share parts of it on different social media platforms. You can transcribe the interview and distribute it using different media.


7. Productivity Tips Post

Doing things faster and easier is something that attracts a lot of attention. Do you have hacks and tips that can help? Do you know tools or services that can increase productivity? Those are hot post ideas that you can share.


8. News Post

Trending events and news are hot. Why not cash in on them? Create posts on breaking news. Create a post on controversial news and events. Offer your own viewpoints even if you are not the one breaking the news to your readers.


9. Animated/ Cartoonish Post

Humour is another way to get attention. Every now and then everyone wants to unwind. Cartoonish posts are good for that. If you can make it a regular feature in your writings, all the better. See if you can get your own unique angle to things and tie some humour around it.


10. Story Post

It is true that facts tell, stories sell. He who tells the story entertains and has the ears and heart of the listeners. Stories entertain but also give out valuable information. People connect with those with whom they can share their stories. Connect with your audience at a deeper level with your stories. It could be your own story or somebody else’s story. Just make sure the story is relevant and your audience can relate with it. Create content that tells a story that will be entertaining to your market while delivering on the true message you want your readers to get.


So these a few types of blog posts that you can easily whip up and create for your readers. Let me repeat it again – deliver value. Great value. Be original. There are many other types of posts you can write. Let me hear from you how this works out. 

To your Success

Miriam Thompson

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